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LED Stim: Hand-Held Red Light Therapy Device - 660 850 NM

LED Stim: Hand-Held Red Light Therapy Device - 660 850 NM

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LED Stim effectively targets acne-causing bacteria, diminishes inflammation, and enhances circulation using its handheld LED light therapy devices. Endorsed by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and aestheticians, Light Stim is trusted and recommended. Suitable for all skin types, it offers a potent and natural solution by leveraging wavelengths that invigorate cells and activate the body's inherent renewal mechanisms.

Red light therapy equipment is designed to provide soothing relief. Red light is a safe and effective way to soothe your muscles and joints in the comfort of your home!

Combination of Multiple Theories: The apparatus adopts the principle of modern infrared light, combining multiple theories, only to provide you the most effective therapy to alleviate your pain.

Directly apply the infrared therapy device onto the targeted part, or keep it at 1-8cm, and hold it for 5-30 minutes for each body part. Please use this device 1-3 times a day in a row of 7-10 days, and please pause 2-3 days before using it again.

Small size and handheld, specially design for household use. For different body area, there are Different recommended methods of use. Instructions for use are included in the package.

  • Red and Infrared settings
  • 660 NM and 850 NM Infared
  • Designed to stimulate collagen, reduce wrinkles, acne, and scarring
  • Heal wounds faster, reduce inflammation
  • Portable and lightweight, adjustable settings 
  • Great for all areas of the body
  • Lightweight, handheld, use anytime, anywhere
  • Compare to other brands at over $500
  • Free, quick shipping
  • USA owned company, quality materials (no knock-offs)
  • Model number RGT57

Usage Instructions:
Gently place the light in direct contact with your skin and maintain its position. After three minutes, the light will emit a beep. Proceed to move the light to different areas as needed. Limit the use of the light to a maximum of three minutes per area, once per day.


  • 1 x Host
  • 1 x Carrying Case
  • 1 x Power Adaptor
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Warranty card
  • 1 x Safety glasses

Red Light

Red Light: Say goodbye to visible signs of aging. This therapy reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, expression marks, and age spots, unveiling smoother, more youthful skin.

Blue Light

Blue Light: Combat skin disorders effortlessly. Focused on fighting acne and pimples, it improves overall skin conditions while offering anti-inflammatory properties for a clearer, healthier complexion.

Green Light

Green Light: Experience soothing, purifying, and detoxifying effects. This light leaves the skin balanced and smooth, unclogging pores, and effectively preventing and reducing age spots.

Yellow Light

Yellow Light: Achieve balanced and even-toned skin. This light reduces redness, pigmentation, and enhances the overall appearance and tone of your skin.

Purple Light

Purple Light: Heal and repair skin ailments effectively. Combat acne, scars, marks, and achieve a balanced complexion with this therapeutic light.

Clear Light

Clear Light: Find balance and luminosity. This light works fivefold, balancing, evening, and lightening the skin tone while accelerating blood circulation and cell metabolism. 

Infrared Light

  1. Pain Relief: Infrared light therapy has been shown to alleviate muscle and joint pain by increasing circulation and reducing inflammation, making it beneficial for conditions like arthritis, sprains, and soreness.
  2. Skin Rejuvenation: Infrared light therapy promotes collagen production and cellular repair, leading to improvements in skin tone, texture, and elasticity. It can help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and scars, and improve overall skin health.
  3. Improved Circulation: Infrared light therapy enhances blood flow and microcirculation, which can aid in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissues, as well as the removal of toxins, promoting better overall circulation and cardiovascular health.
  4. Faster Healing: By stimulating cellular metabolism and tissue regeneration, infrared light therapy accelerates the healing process for wounds, cuts, and injuries, helping tissues to repair and recover more quickly.
  5. Stress Reduction: Infrared light therapy has been found to promote relaxation and reduce stress by triggering the release of endorphins, the body's natural feel-good hormones, and lowering levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. This can contribute to improved mood and overall well-being.
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Product Description

Glow Pro

Glow Pro, your ultimate companion for advanced red LED photon rejuvenation. Designed with cutting-edge technology, this device harnesses the power of 7 different colors of LED therapy to revitalize your skin from within.

Experience the benefits of targeted photon therapy as the red LED light penetrates deep into the skin, stimulating collagen production and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This non-invasive treatment promotes a more youthful complexion, encouraging natural healing and cellular rejuvenation.

Crafted for convenience and effectiveness, the Glow Pro is easy to use and fits seamlessly into your skincare routine. With regular use, unlock a brighter, smoother, and more radiant skin tone. Elevate your beauty regimen with the Glow Pro and reveal your skin's natural luminosity and vitality.

  • Healthy, Youthful Looking Skin

    Unlock radiant skin with the magic of red light therapy masks! Illuminate your complexion and embrace a healthy, glowing aura effortlessly. Experience the power of rejuvenation and watch your skin bloom with vitality!

  • Say Goodbye to Acne and Dark Spots

    Banish acne and conquer dark spots with the transformative prowess of red light therapy masks! Unveil clear, blemish-free skin as these masks work their magic, fading imperfections to reveal your natural, flawless glow.

  • Stimulate Collagen

    Boosting collagen production for a firmer, smoother, and naturally glowing complexion.

  • Relieve Pain and Inflammation

    Relieve muscle tension while experiencing the gentle yet powerful touch that eases discomfort, promoting relaxation and restoring comfort to your body, one pain-free moment at a time.