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Lumi Pro: Portable Red Light Panel - 850 NM

Lumi Pro: Portable Red Light Panel - 850 NM

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Harnessing the Power of Natural Wavelengths for Therapeutic Benefits

Experience transformative results in as little as 10 minutes per day with our Model RGT100, which utilizes a specific set of natural wavelength light for both medical and cosmetic purposes. This versatile device can function as a desktop lamp or be easily mounted on a wall or door. For expanded coverage, multiple RGT100 systems can be paired together to create a larger lighting system.

For optimal results, standard use involves 10-minute treatments positioned 12-24 inches away from the device. While additional 10-minute sessions targeting symptomatic areas may offer benefits, evidence suggests that there are diminishing returns as cells can only absorb a certain amount of light at once.

Red light therapy, delivered at 850 NM, is renowned for its ability to stimulate cellular energy, promoting skin health, reducing joint pain and inflammation, enhancing performance and recovery, improving sleep, and boosting mental acuity. Its absorption by surface tissues and cells leads to notable improvements in skin health and healing.

  • Red and Infrared settings
  • 660 NM and 850 NM Infared
  • Designed to stimulate collagen, reduce wrinkles, acne, and scarring
  • Heal wounds faster, reduce inflammation
  • Portable and lightweight, adjust settings with included remote
  • Great for all areas of the body
  • Table-top set-up, use anytime, anywhere
  • Great for athletes, yoga, health, or gym enthusiasts 
  • Compare to other brands at over $500
  • Free, quick shipping
  • USA owned company, quality materials (no knock-offs)
  • Model number RGT100

Red Light

Red Light: Say goodbye to visible signs of aging. This therapy reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, expression marks, and age spots, unveiling smoother, more youthful skin.

Infrared Light

  1. Pain Relief: Infrared light therapy has been shown to alleviate muscle and joint pain by increasing circulation and reducing inflammation, making it beneficial for conditions like arthritis, sprains, and soreness.
  2. Skin Rejuvenation: Infrared light therapy promotes collagen production and cellular repair, leading to improvements in skin tone, texture, and elasticity. It can help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and scars, and improve overall skin health.
  3. Improved Circulation: Infrared light therapy enhances blood flow and microcirculation, which can aid in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissues, as well as the removal of toxins, promoting better overall circulation and cardiovascular health.
  4. Faster Healing: By stimulating cellular metabolism and tissue regeneration, infrared light therapy accelerates the healing process for wounds, cuts, and injuries, helping tissues to repair and recover more quickly.
  5. Stress Reduction: Infrared light therapy has been found to promote relaxation and reduce stress by triggering the release of endorphins, the body's natural feel-good hormones, and lowering levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. This can contribute to improved mood and overall well-being.
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Immerse yourself in cutting-edge LED light therapy featuring 1080 chips. Emitting 660nm red light and 850nm infrared light, it supercharges cellular energy, delivering a myriad of transformative benefits:

  • Stimulate Collagen Production
  • Normal panels $500 +
  • Reduce Acne, Scars, and Wrinkles
  • Relieve Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Turbocharge Wound Healing
  • Boost Muscle and Bone Recovery
  • Combat Inflammation
  • Rejuvenate Skin Firmness
  • Lightens dark spots and evens skin pigmentation
  • Ignite Fat Burning Process
  • Save on expensive salon visits
  • Use in the comfort of your own home or on the go

Product Details

Lumi Pro: Red Light Panel

Lumi Pro, our advanced LED & Infrared Beauty Therapy Light Panel—a transformative innovation redefining skincare and well-being.

Crafted with precision, this therapy light panel combines the therapeutic benefits of LED and Infrared wavelengths. The LED light gently stimulates collagen, diminishing fine lines, and fostering a more youthful complexion. Simultaneously, the Infrared light penetrates deeper, supporting tissue repair, alleviating inflammation, and offering relief from muscle and joint discomfort.

User-friendly and versatile, this therapy light provides a non-invasive solution to address diverse skincare concerns and enhance overall wellness.

Elevate your self-care routine with Lumi Pro, unlocking radiant skin, accelerated healing, and a rejuvenated sense of well-being.